Miss. Shamim Akhtar

District Education Officer (Female) Swat

Education, being the top priority of the current Government has attracted a great deal of focus and attention of the stakeholders at all levels, particularly the civil society and the development partners & donors. Swat Education Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa focuses on access, quality and governance issues of Education in Swat. Our reforms combine high expectations, standardized measurement and a clear and achievable system of accountability.

SED top priority is to increase the number of enrollment in schools, under which girls from class 6-12 are being given stipend by the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. For quality education and transparency, the recruitment of teachers is taking place under the monitoring of third party. For the rehabilitation and infrastructure of schools millions rupees have been allocated.

For better governance, School Consolidation and school clustering is under way. To cope up with the challenges in the education system in 21st Century, a Swat Education Sector Plan has been developed.

The main objectives of SED are;

  •  increasing equitable access to Early Childhood Education, and to primary, Middle / Elementary and Secondary education,
  •  Improving Curriculum and Learning outcomes,
  •  Improving teacher quality,
  •  strengthening governance and service delivery, and
  •  improving resource allocation
  •  Adult literacy and Non formal education and
  •  Some important cross cutting areas i.e ICT, Education in Emergencies, Gender Equity, Social Cohesion and Public Private Partnership in Education.

We will continue to reform education in SWAT to keep the promise of an education system that prepares our children for the future.