Online Exam and Result  is a pioneering reform initiative of the present government in swat, highly needed strategy to unfold the dynamics of student learning in province. OER will provide a platform to modernize district examination systems .The effectiveness of OER has been recognized by the World Bank and Bank has included this reform in their forthcoming Second Education Sector Project (SESP).
Following are the key objectives:

  1. To link our mostly input driven reform agenda to output/outcomes
  2. To use the process and results of OER to affect attitudinal changes in teachers, for instance helping them to shift from rote learning model to activity-based teaching model that help to inculcate problem solving and analytical skills in pupils. The results of the tests can also be used review the curriculum/syllabus of teacher training colleges and teacher recruitment policies of various cadres and group of services.
  3. To inform parents, education administration, civil society and government and to gradually shift to result based accountability system.

First Phase of OER is completed successfully and Student report cards disseminated to parents. Provincial result of OER is proving that Education Department need to change education system from rote learning to modern system.

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