Mrs. Pervin Akhtar

Sub District Education Officer (SDEO Female) Swat

Education is vital for sustainable socio-economic development of any area. When we address the issues of access, equity, quality, relevance, management and governance in education, we may not forget the core purpose of any education system. The purpose revolves around the welfare of the people through solid commitment of all stakeholders. The strategy to achieve this purpose could be through change in attitudes of learners and also by inculcating creativity and critical thinking in students.

 Education is for peace, brotherhood, tolerance, freedom and progress. The education department Swat, Govt. of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is striving to achieve all these objectives through a transparent mechanism. The introduction of this site is to facilitate the stakeholders, most important being the potential learners, to help achieve development for Swat especially in field of female education in an integrated model.