Teachers’ Without Frontier (TWF) Cycle-II Training is started from 20th August 2015 in Swat. The duration of Cycle II training is 04 week. Cycle II training adopts an amazing structure. It will be delivered in blended learning mode – both face-to-face and online mode of instruction. So it splits into face-to-face and online delivery time. Initially, the trainees will be convened for 12 days face-to-face instructions followed by 07 days online instructions. The trainees will reassemble for 05-08 day face-to-face training followed by 04 days online engagement.

The Cycle II training aims to inspire you to work meticulously on every aspect of teaching, learning and training. It is a perfect lab time where you are to experiment, and create products based on your ingenuity. Creativity based on your intuition, and ingenuity, openness, critical thinking, challenge, question, acceptance, flexibility and willingness are the norms of Cycle II. Learn, Unlearn and Relearn is our motto.