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For verification of NTS score, department will verify it from website while academic record need to verify/Add from their original documents accordingly, if any mistake marked by applicant.

PST Posts

331001GPS Ahingaro Dherai MALE 331220GPS Amlook Dara MALE 331219GPS Yaka Badesha MALE 331218GPS Tawde Oba MALE 331217GPS Talsar MALE 331216GPS Qila Derai MALE 331215GPS Pir Patay MALE 331214GPS Pia MALE 331213GPS Jare MALE 331212GPS Fatehpur 2 MALE 331211GPS Fatehpur 1 MALE 331210GPS Chikrai MALE 331209GPS Chan Chari MALE 331208GPS Benawrai MALE 331207GPS Barampatai MALE 331206GPS Bacha Derai MALE 331205GPS Baban MALE 331204Gps;Nasrat MALE 331203Gps Shagai Bawrai MALE 331202Gps Malakan MALE 331201Gps Golden MALE 331200Gps Fazal Abad (D) MALE 331199Gps Dewlai#2 MALE 331198Gps Dewlai#2 MALE 331197Gps Dewlai#1 MALE 331196GPS Spirdar Baba MALE 331195GPS Rahat kot MALE 331194GPS Ragastoon MALE 331193GPS Pir Abad MALE 331192GPS ochar MALE 331191GPS Kot MALE 331190GPS Kharkai MALE 331189GPS Hussain Abad MALE 331188GPS Hakim Abad MALE 331187GPS Darmai MALE 331186GPS Azad Banda MALE 331185GPS Tospin MALE 331184GPS Tortam MALE 331183GPS Sangota MALE 331182GPS Sabonay MALE 331181GPS Rasha Gatta MALE 331180GPS Ghori Masta MALE 331179GPS G Dangram MALE 331178GPS Spina Khpa MALE 331177GPS Mandanar MALE 331176GPS khakhtay MALE 331175GPS K.Durushkhela MALE 331174GPS Bazkhela no2 MALE 331173GPS Bazkhela no1 MALE 331172GPS B.Durushkhela MALE 331171GPS B.D.khela cham MALE 331170GPS Syed Abad MALE 331169GPS Shokhdara MALE 331168GPS Qachara Pla MALE 331167GPS Kwaray MALE 331166GPS Kamaly MALE 331165GPS Gujar Banr MALE 331164GPS Garai Chuprial MALE 331163GPS Deran Paty MALE 331162GPS Chuprial MALE 331161GPS Balasoor Asharay MALE 331160GPS Balasoor MALE 331159GPS Awesha MALE 331158GPS Samairband MALE 331157GPS Kot MALE 331156GPS Khadang MALE 331155GPS Kemlpur MALE 331154GPS Kandaw MALE 331153GPS Gat Kotay MALE 331152GPS Asharband (D) MALE 331151GPS Asharband MALE 331150GPS Swatai MALE 331149GPS Shordut MALE 331148GPS Shingartan MALE 331147GPS pashtonai MALE 331146GPS Pakanai MALE 331145GPS Nalkot MALE 331144GPS Kwaro Cham MALE 331143GPS Gardam MALE 331142GPS Fazal Banda MALE 331141GPS Doghalgay MALE 331140GPS Chataikal MALE 331139GPS Charrai MALE 331138GPS Beha MALE 331137GPS Barabro MALE 331136GPS Zoor Chail MALE 331135GPS Tangay Banda MALE 331134GPS Shinkoo MALE 331133GPS Shalakyar MALE 331132GPS Koo Shinkoo MALE 331131GPS Chail MALE 331130GPS Bati Banr MALE 331129GPS Bashigram MALE 331128GPS Zoora MALE 331127GPS Samai MALE 331126GPS Saidara MALE 331125GPS Kuz kabal koo MALE 331124GPS Jana MALE 331123GPS Gamser no2 MALE 331122GPS Gamser no1 MALE 331121GPS Chitkarai MALE 331120GPS Bar kabal koo MALE 331119GPS Bando Khwar MALE 331118GPS Parrai MALE 331117GPS Notmaira MALE 331116GPS No.2 Guratai MALE 331115GPS No.1 Guratai MALE 331114GPS Nagoha MALE 331113GPS Gumbatona MALE 331112GPS Fazal Abad (B) MALE 331111GPS Barikot MALE 331110Gps Sar Khana MALE 331109Gps Qazi Abad MALE 331108Gps Mam Derai MALE 331107Gps Jat Kot MALE 331106Gps Ghorajoo MALE 331105Gps Bara Bandai #1 MALE 331104Gps Bandai MALE 331103Gps Kabal MALE 331102Gps Dherocham MALE 331101Gps Asogay MALE 331100Gps Sirsinai#2 MALE 331099Gps Sirsinai#2 MALE 331098Gps Sirsinai#1 MALE 331097GPS Toorwal MALE 331096GPS Tan toorwal MALE 331095GPS Serai MALE 331094GPS Pishmal 1 MALE 331093GPS Pishmal 2 MALE 331092GPS Onatoorwal MALE 331091GPS Lal shash MALE 331090GPS Lai koot MALE 331089GPS Kund toorwal MALE 331088GPS Kedam MALE 331087GPS Kass Aryanai MALE 331086GPS Dawan Balakoot MALE 331085GPS Cham Gharai MALE 331084GPS Barkedam MALE 331083GPS Balakoot MALE 331082GPS Badai MALE 331081GPS Asrait MALE 331080GPS Aryanai 2 MALE 331079GPS Aryanai 1 MALE 331078GPS Syed Abad MALE 331077GPS Sambat chm MALE 331076GPS Sambat MALE 331075GPS Baidara no2 MALE 331074GPS Zoor kalay MALE 331073GPS Shaladar MALE 331072GPS Satal Chum MALE 331071GPS NajveGharai MALE 331070GPS Loie MALE 331069GPS Lagun MALE 331068GPS Kuza Gharai MALE 331067GPS Kuz Alar MALE 331066GPS Kul Banr MALE 331065GPS Kanga MALE 331064GPS Jagah MALE 331063GPS Gulshah MALE 331062GPS Gire Lagan MALE 331061GPS Gantar MALE 331060GPS Bartangoon MALE 331059GPS Bar Najve MALE 331058GPS Bar Alar MALE 331057GPS Bala Gharai MALE 331056GPS Bair MALE 331055GPS Bahrain MALE 331054GPS Arin Daral MALE 331053GPS Pirawadai MALE 331052GPS narkat MALE 331051GPS Meramai MALE 331050GPS madeyat MALE 331049GPS Gul Shah MALE 331048GPS Gal MALE 331047GPS Sperdar MALE 331046GPS Shangwatai cham MALE 331045GPS Shangwatai MALE 331044GPS Sarbanda MALE 331043GPS ochrai MALE 331042GPS ochar MALE 331041GPS Nilagram MALE 331040GPS Miankalay MALE 331039GPS Kandawagay (W) MALE 331038GPS Biakand MALE 331037GPS Barawal no2 MALE 331036GPS Barawal no1 MALE 331035GPS Arkot MALE 331034GPS Wadanagorati MALE 331033GPS Sorband MALE 331032GPS Sharna MALE 331031GPS Shaldara MALE 331030GPS Sardarai MALE 331029GPS Sar MALE 331028GPS Ozbaka MALE 331027GPS MenzGat MALE 331026GPS Koz Kad MALE 331025GPS Kharaway MALE 331024GPS Kass Shingray MALE 331023GPS Kandaow MALE 331022GPS Jalow MALE 331021GPS Gat Bela MALE 331020GPS Gadar Kot MALE 331019GPS Dewan Bat MALE 331018GPS Chinawat MALE 331017GPS Bishband MALE 331016GPS Bela Karin MALE 331015GPS Bar Kad MALE 331014GPS Bar Jabar MALE 331013GPS Bar Achar MALE 331012GPS Banjot 2 MALE 331011GPS Banjot 1 MALE 331010GPS Asharband MALE 331009GPS Araq MALE 331008GPS Alagay MALE 331007GPS Achar 2 MALE 331006GPS Faiz Abad No.2 MALE 331005GPS Faiz Abad No.1 MALE 331004GPS Amankot MALE 331003GPS Siraj Abad MALE 331002GPS NO.1 Mingora MALE

PST Posts Part 2

331221GPS Banrgay MALE 331410GPS Kass Madyan MALE 331409GPS Kargai MALE 331408GPS Kalagay MALE 331407GPS Dara Dabargai MALE 331406GPS Dabargai MALE 331405GPS Bar Bangesh MALE 331404GPS Banda Chail MALE 331403GPS Bam Khel MALE 331402GPS Badalai MALE 331401GPS Amlook Bagh MALE 331400Gps Ziarat Swegalai MALE 331399Gps Zawra MALE 331398Gps Yakh tangay MALE 331397Gps Swegalai#2 MALE 331396Gps Swegalai#1 MALE 331395Gps Qamboo MALE 331394Gps Qamboo MALE 331393Gps Melagah MALE 331392Gps Landai Shah MALE 331391Gps Kot Lai MALE 331390Gps Kassai MALE 331389Gps Gadi MALE 331388Gps Dogay MALE 331387Gps Dadhara MALE 331386Gps Akoon Kalay MALE 331385Gps Sigram MALE 331384Gps Sigram MALE 331383Gps Naranj Pora #2 MALE 331382Gps Naranj Pora #1 MALE 331381Gps Malooka MALE 331380Gps Laloo Bandai MALE 331379Gps Koza Bandai#1 MALE 331378Gps Chingai Sar MALE 331377Gps Bahadar Banda MALE 331376Gps Asho Barai MALE 331375GPS Manpitai MALE 331374GPS Chalyar MALE 331373GPS Talang MALE 331372GPS Pirano Kalay MALE 331371GPS Nawa Kalay (B) MALE 331370GPS Kota MALE 331369GPS Kandak MALE 331368GPS Churkhai MALE 331367GPS Balokalay MALE 331366GPS Sar Kanglay MALE 331365GPS Poladay MALE 331364GPS Parona MALE 331363GPS Oghaz MALE 331362GPS Meragai MALE 331361GPS Malalai MALE 331360GPS Koz Jishar MALE 331359GPS Korata MALE 331358GPS Koladag MALE 331357GPS Kachakot MALE 331356GPS Gorikalan MALE 331355GPS Garasa MALE 331354GPS Doshay MALE 331353GPS Barkot Sar MALE 331352GPS Bar Gishar MALE 331351GPS Bandan MALE 331350GPS Baligram MALE 331349GPS Asharagarai MALE 331348GPS Arbat MALE 331347GPS Soordhairay MALE 331346GPS Shoom Shangla MALE 331345GPS Serai MALE 331344GPS Roria MALE 331343GPS Ramota MALE 331342GPS Mangarkot MALE 331341GPS Malam MALE 331340GPS Koo MALE 331339GPS Kishawara MALE 331338GPS Kasoons MALE 331337GPS Kakot MALE 331336GPS Ganajeer MALE 331335GPS Balakot MALE 331334GPS A Jan Maira MALE 331333Gps Kanju (CHOWK) MALE 331332Gps Fazal Abad(K) MALE 331331Gps Fazal Abad(K) MALE 331330Gps Dherai MALE 331329Gps Damghar#2 MALE 331328Gps Damghar #1 MALE 331327Old Kalam MALE 331326Koknil MALE 331325GPS Shahoo MALE 331324GPS Mutle MALE 331323GPS Matiltan MALE 331322GPS Kass Kalam MALE 331321GPS Kalam MALE 331320GPS Jalbanr MALE 331319GPS Gorkin Bala MALE 331318GPS Goorkin MALE 331317GPS Gaheel MALE 331316GPS Chawrat MALE 331315GPS Bayoon MALE 331314GPS Bar Mutlai MALE 331313GPS Baffar MALE 331312GPS Ashooran MALE 331311Gps Tarkani MALE 331310Gps Taran MALE 331309Gps Shal hand MALE 331308Gps Shahi Bagh MALE 331307Gps Shahi Bagh MALE 331306Gps Shah Beka MALE 331305Gps Sar koti MALE 331304Gps Nimakay MALE 331303Gps Mege MALE 331302Gps Mege MALE 331301Gps Mahak MALE 331300Gps Khat Kotay MALE 331299Gps Khair Abad MALE 331298Gps Kala Kalay MALE 331297Gps Galooch#2 MALE 331296Gps Galooch #1 MALE 331295Gps Galooch #1 MALE 331294Gps Drad MALE 331293Gps Bara Gat MALE 331292Gps Awar Patai MALE 331291Gps Muhammad Baig MALE 331290GPS Landay kass MALE 331289GPS Koz Kalay MALE 331288GPS K Khela MALE 331287GPS gharibabad MALE 331286GPS Gashkor MALE 331285GPS Dop MALE 331284GPS Dambara MALE 331283GPS Birarai MALE 331282GPS Topsin MALE 331281GPS Ordham MALE 331280GPS Mashkomay MALE 331279GPS Jare Chingolai MALE 331278GPS Jano MALE 331277GPS Danday MALE 331276GPS Dab MALE 331275GPS Chamtalia 2 MALE 331274GPS Chamtalai 1 MALE 331273GPS Behar MALE 331272GPS Babu MALE 331271GPS Ado MALE 331270GPS Toor Kamar MALE 331269GPS Taragat MALE 331268GPS Sheratraf MALE 331267GPS Muthra Pindai No.1 MALE 331266GPS Marghuzar MALE 331265GPS Mairagai MALE 331264GPS Kadoona MALE 331263GPS Islampur MALE 331262GPS Gul Bandai MALE 331261GPS Balaoo MALE 331260GPS Bakar MALE 331259Gps Toot Banai MALE 331258Gps Toot Banai MALE 331257Gps Malooch#2 MALE 331256Gps Malooch#1 MALE 331255Gps Hazara MALE 331254Gps Ali Grama MALE 331253GPS Sulatanr MALE 331250GPS Roringar MALE 331249GPS Onra Dherai MALE 331248GPS Onra MALE 331247GPS Muraday MALE 331246GPS Mandal no2 MALE 331245GPS Mandal no1 MALE 331244GPS Kanatai MALE 331243GPS Gwalerai Bala MALE 331242GPS Fatehma MALE 331241GPS Dherai Chinglali MALE 331240GPS Chinglalai MALE 331239GPS Chinar Khwar MALE 331238GPS Charma MALE 331237GPS Balair Kas MALE 331236GPS Awarai MALE 331235GPS Gulkada MALE 331234GPS Gulibagh MALE 331233GPS Balalai MALE 331232GPS Alamganj MALE 331231GPS Waina MALE 331230GPS Shingardar MALE 331229GPS Serai MALE 331228GPS Samsary MALE 331227GPS Najigram MALE 331226GPS Manyar MALE 331225GPS Karakar MALE 331224GPS Ghalegai MALE 331223GPS Ghakhi Banda MALE 331222GPS Chara baba MALE

PST Posts Part 3

331414GPS Madyan MALE 331613GPS Utroor MALE 331612GPS Sazgal MALE 331611GPS Kass utroor MALE 331610GPS Karin Gabral MALE 331609GPS Kanai MALE 331608GPS Jamra MALE 331607GPS Goojar Gabral MALE 331592GPS Tirat MALE 331591GPS Talinga MALE 331590GPS Shegal MALE 331589GPS Shameray MALE 331588GPS Shagai Shagram MALE 331587GPS Qazi Abad MALE 331586GPS Qandil MALE 331585GPS Nala Qandil MALE 331584GPS Kwaroo Shagram MALE 331583GPS Janimar MALE 331582GPS Damana MALE 331581GPS Tindodag MALE 331580GPS Panjigram MALE 331579GPS Gogdara MALE 331578Gps Tall MALE 331577Gps Tall MALE 331576Gps Penawrai MALE 331575Gps Pacha Kalay MALE 331574Gps Manai MALE 331573Gps Maira MALE 331572Gps Mainz Khpa MALE 331571Gps Main Bela MALE 331570Gps Goda MALE 331569Gps Dardiyal MALE 331568Gps Darab MALE 331567Gps Choor Pinawwrai MALE 331566Gps Bara Samai MALE 331565Gps Archalai MALE 331564GPS Wara Sar MALE 331563GPS Toha 2 MALE 331562GPS Toha 1 MALE 331561GPS Tamba Gat MALE 331560GPS Taligaram MALE 331559GPS ShinKad MALE 331558GPS Sabershah MALE 331557GPS Matai Shinkad MALE 331556GPS Makad MALE 331555GPS Khwar Patay MALE 331554GPS Jehanabad MALE 331553GPS JaiSer MALE 331552GPS Jaikot MALE 331551GPS Shin MALE 331550GPS Sela MALE 331549GPS Sangrai MALE 331548GPS Lakhar MALE 331547GPS Jaba Pisal MALE 331546GPS Degan MALE 331545GPS Bar Bargin MALE 331544GPS Talkar MALE 331543GPS Shorshahi MALE 331542GPS Shopin MALE 331541GPS Shandal MALE 331540GPS Reema MALE 331539GPS Loi Namal MALE 331538GPS Kandawgay(G) MALE 331537GPS Chatorai MALE 331536GPS Zarakhela MALE 331535GPS Shamozi MALE 331534GPS Sabun Khpa MALE 331533GPS Rangila Bar Cham MALE 331532GPS Nimogram MALE 331531GPS Kohay MALE 331530GPS Khazana MALE 331529GPS Jabagai MALE 331528GPS Garrai MALE 331527GPS Gamkot MALE 331526GPS Dedawar MALE 331525GPS Tarogay MALE 331524GPS Shere MALE 331523GPS Shekha MALE 331522GPS Shalphin MALE 331521GPS Shaloon MALE 331520GPS Relmanay MALE 331519GPS Jishar MALE 331518GPS Geedarsar MALE 331517GPS Faqeera MALE 331516GPS Dad MALE 331515GPS Bawarai MALE 331514GPS Akla MALE 331513Gps Sikai MALE 331512Gps Shah Dehrai MALE 331511Gps Shah Dehrai MALE 331510Gps Serai shah Dehrai MALE 331509Gps Langanr MALE 331508Gps Koza Samai MALE 331507Gps Katyar MALE 331505Gps Beyanai MALE 331504Gps Belo Khwar MALE 331503Gps Bela Bataka MALE 331502GPS Panday MALE 331501GPS oghaz kas MALE 331500GPS Nawkhara MALE 331499GPS Narai Banda MALE 331498GPS Mazara MALE 331497GPS malak Patay MALE 331496GPS Lalkoo MALE 331495GPS koz Lalkoo MALE 331494GPS Kohistani Banda MALE 331493GPS kharkai MALE 331492GPS kaga Banda MALE 331491GPS Garai Lalkoo MALE 331490GPS Fazal Baig MALE 331489GPS Charai MALE 331488GPS Batkoo MALE 331487GPS Adam Shah MALE 331486GPS Shagai MALE 331485GPS Rahimabad MALE 331484GPS Takhta Band MALE 331483GPS Qambar No.2 MALE 331482GPS Qambar No.1 MALE 331481GPS Guligram MALE 331480Gps Tang Banr MALE 331479Gps Sar Khazana#2 MALE 331478Gps Sar Khazana#1 MALE 331477Gps Rashakai (Q) MALE 331476Gps Qila Qalgai MALE 331475Gps Pir patay MALE 331474GPS Manja MALE 331473GPS Manja MALE 331472Gps Maha Banr MALE 331471Gps Kawdaree MALE 331470Gps Inzar Kolalai MALE 331469GPS tangai shah MALE 331468GPS tang banr MALE 331467GPS sherplamno2 MALE 331466GPS Sherpalm no1 MALE 331465GPS shakardar MALE 331464GPS per kaly MALE 331463GPS Mashi banda MALE 331462GPS Koz sherplam MALE 331461GPS Gurrah MALE 331460GPS Jrando Dherai MALE 331459GPS Balogram MALE 331458GPS Watkay MALE 331457GPS Mingora No.3 MALE 331456GPS Shunga MALE 331455GPS Senay MALE 331454GPS Nowsenay MALE 331453GPS Miandam MALE 331452GPS Kula Karin MALE 331451GPS Khyr Abad MALE 331450GPS Kasoona Miandam MALE 331449GPS Kaldar Khwar MALE 331448GPS Kal wara MALE 331447GPS Jukhtai MALE 331446GPS Jishar MALE 331445GPS Gojaroo Kalay MALE 331444GPS Dand MALE 331443GPS Sinpora MALE 331442GPS Matta MALE 331441GPS Mandoor MALE 331440GPS Koza Bamakhela MALE 331439GPS Kharerai Cham MALE 331438GPS Bara Bamakhela MALE 331437GPS Zarinaal MALE 331436GPS Rameet MALE 331435GPS Mankeyal MALE 331434GPS Mankar MALE 331433GPS Katil Rameet MALE 331432GPS Gurnai MALE 331431GPS Ghuwand patay MALE 331430GPS Ghureja Rameet MALE 331429GPS Darolai 2 MALE 331428GPS Darolai 1 MALE 331427GPS Chilam Rameet MALE 331426GPS Ayeen MALE 331425GPS Ashoka MALE 331424GPS Shingrai MALE 331423GPS Shakaray MALE 331422GPS Sangar (M) MALE 331421GPS Manglawar no 2 MALE 331420GPS Kalkata MALE 331419GPS M.G Shaheed MALE 331418GPS Shorkat MALE 331417GPS Pardesha MALE 331416GPS Paklai Shagram MALE 331415GPS Ossar MALE