Education  is one of the most important pillar of Government through which Government enhances technical & professional skills of its people so that they can play their due role in the development of country.

Education department was established with aim to fulfill states responsibility to provide basic education to its people.

The prime objective of the department is to look after the educational affairs within the the province and co-ordinate with Federal Government and donor agencies regarding promotion of education in the province.

Education department plays supervisory role of Primary education and manages Secondary education, Technical Education, incentive programs, development schemes.

Swat Education Department

  • Provide free and compulsory Primary education
  • Increase Primary net enrollment rates
  • Provide buildings to all shelter-less Schools
  • Provide missing facilities to all Schools
  • Functionalize closed Schools
  • Reduce Gender gap
  • Reduce Urban and Rural gap
  • Upgrade Primary Schools to Elementary Schools.
  • Provide IT Labs to Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools.
  • Enhances the quality through improved learning outcomes.

UN Resolution

UN General Assembly Convention on the Rights of Children unanimously adopted a Resolution on Nov 20, 1989, Article 28 of which envisages,

  •  Provide compulsory and free Primary education to all
  • Encourage Secondary Education
  • Make Higher Education accessible to all
  • Make sure to encourage regular attendance at Schools
  • Reduce drop-out rates
  • Ensure School discipline